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Free Meditation Books

Meditation reduces stress, and helps us improve our overall wellbeing. If you’re just beginning your meditative practice or if you’ve sat for 1000’s of minutes, books on meditation are always great ways to explore your practice further and understand ourselves better. Luckily, there’s plenty of free resources out there!

What do these resources do for us? Of course, once you know the basics of meditation, there’s not always a need for ‘more’. You can explore your own mind and consciousness very deeply just with regular meditation and breath work. But sometimes to help maintain our practice it’s important to switch things up a bit, or experiment with different techniques. To see meditation from a different perspective sometimes allows us to break through our own barriers in our mind. Through reading or listening to the tons of free meditation resources on the internet, we can improve our own practices.

Meditation has a rich history of ‘free’. Many temples and practitioners sponsor books or give away teachings for free. These are important texts that are often only a letter or a phone call away!

Are there any drawbacks to using free resources for meditation books?

While it’s hard to argue that more knowledge is bad, there can be plenty of misleading or mystical information on the internet. It’s important to really use your head and think “are these people trying to sell me something more? Do they have my best interest in mind?” and “Does what they’re telling me make sense?”. Especially with meditation, there’s an incredibly blurred line between religion and scientific fact. Finding trustworthy sources of information in the internet noise can be a chore. Take everything you read with a skeptical eye.

How can readers find the best free resources for meditation books?

There are several ways in which people can locate reliable material regarding this topic: they could start by checking out popular blogs dedicated specifically to discussing different methods or perspectives on mediation; they could also browse through online learning platforms like Coursera or Udemy – many courses related to this subject area include content that’s available at no cost; finally, readers should consider joining relevant Facebook groups or following pertinent Twitter accounts which post links regularly about related topics.

Our Top 3 Favorite Free Meditation Books (In No Particular Order)

  1. Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki
  2. How to meditate: A primer by Joel Evans
  3. How to meditate: A guide to formal sitting practice by Tara Brach

Taking advantage of free materials is an important way of expanding your meditative practice. However, never forget that there’s no substitute for time spent meditating. Make sure to give yourself the gift of that time. Take the few minutes a day, you won’t regret it!

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